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AdTech Hi Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun - Specifications

Hi Temp for most common projects Uses mini-sized glue sticks (0.28 inch diameter) Quick-heating Built-in stand Compact design 10 Watts 120v Corded Bonds wood, glass, plastic, metal, ceramic, fabric, natural materials and more
Model number: 567117145
Category: All Sealants, Fillers & Adhesives
Brand: Ad-Tech
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AdTech Hi Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun 567117145 - Product description

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I'm not a serious crafts person so I only needed a very basic gun. This is perfect and so, so affordable. I used it to make my cutting boards and cup coasters non-slip and to bond some small rocks to the inside of a I use to hold my handled dish scrubber. I had a cast iron trivet with 'feet' that left dark marks on my counter so I added a dab of glue to it and solved that problem. I also used it to quick-hem some casual pants that were too long! Saved me time and effort of sewing. Since I will be using this on such rare occasions, I didn't want to spend more money than needed. This is perfect and works very well.

By the way, I used the Multi Temp Mini Glue Sticks-.28\
This model 451 glue gun works just fine for small work as it plainly states on the package.I use it to tack down wires and bulky electronic components on prototype boards that I build that I expect may be handled a lot before I am done with them. Hot melt glue is not a high strength adhesive so don't expect any hot melt use to be really strong. However as a quick way to tack things together or as an arts and crafts adhesive for things that are not meant to be subjected to heavy usage it is a good choice. In my opinion children under 10 should not use these tools since the tip is hot enough to cause serious burns if touched. Adults, especially those who may be incautious, should also be wary of the tip and the melted glue. Again for small jobs this glue gun is just perfect as long as hot melt glue is a good choice for the job. Not meant for repairing furniture or similar jobs.
I first bought the low temp glue gun and it didn't work for our crafts. The glue was barely warm and hardened quickly. Then I purchased this one (hi temp) and it works fantastic!!
Good price.bought this to do crafts and it works really well
Used for crafting and works very good. I would buy a heavy duty gun for larger projects but this works well for small craft projects.
It work great for me.

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