Beeswax 1 Pound Block Natural - 004432823

Beeswax 1 Pound Block Natural - Specifications

1lb block of natural beeswax
Melting point is 141 degrees fahrenheit
Beeswax does not drip or smoke.
Longer burn time
Odorless it won't interfere with your candles' fragrances
Environmentaly friendly
Measurements: 1-2'' x 4'' x 7-8''
SKU: NMG11150
Model number: 004432823
Category: Air Fresheners
Brand: Yaley
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Price: 2

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Beeswax 1 Pound Block Natural 004432823 - Product description

This odorless beeswax will not interfere with the fragrance of your candle.

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This beeswax was perfect for my project. It was difficult to cut the bar (I used a hacksaw) but melted beautifully. I ordered this through \
A big block of all natural beeswax for my candle making project will enable me to make candles just the size I need. Less smoke, less drip, smells a bit like honey.
The Beeswax is just what I expected it to be, even a lot more than I anticipated, which
will make my home made projects expanded. I love it.....

Thank you,
I made Christmas facial night creams from this beeswax. I chipped mine up slowly but surely using a knife. Admittedly to make sure that you are safe, they say to use beeswax pellets, but I was too cheap. And buying in a block like this is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper. Overall it works wonderful, treats my skin like none other and everyone who go a facial moisturizer LOVED them.
Love this Beeswax! I use it to make lotions with essential oils. It grates and melts easily.

SKU: 004432823
Price: $2.00