Design It Mesh 21 - 554218512

Design It Mesh 21 - Specifications

Design It: SimpleStyle Decorative Mesh, Ombre Blue:
10 yds
21 in wide
Holds its shape
Bends easily
Use floral pins to pin to FloraCraft Foam
Model number: 554218512
Category: Basket Making
Brand: FloraCraft Design It
Availability: in stock
Product id: 45497528
Price: 7

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Design It Mesh 21 554218512 - Product description

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I was looking for a multi blue for a baby shower mesh wreath. I was disappointed when I received it and realized it had purple in it. But I didn't return this bcuz the price was unbeatable and is good quality. I will be able to find another use for this for sure.
Very pretty, love this mesh. it makes beautiful wreaths. Some mesh is to thin to really look good, but this mesh is good.
Awesome color
Made a wreath with mesh very nice colors
Beautiful blue shades that make gorgeous wreaths.

SKU: 554218512
Price: $7.00