FloraCraft Styrofoam Sheet - 550011290

FloraCraft Styrofoam Sheet - Specifications

FloraCraft Styrofoam Sheet:
Styrofoam material
Ideal for art projects or creating specialty shapes
Dimensions: 36 inL x 12 inW x 1 inH
Model# CC5B1WS
Craft supply can be cut to size and shape
Model number: 550011290
Category: Basket Making
Brand: FloraCraft
Availability: in stock
Product id: 21685998
Price: 7

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FloraCraft Styrofoam Sheet 550011290 - Product description

CD_GRAN_1!> - Reviews

I kept the plastic wrap on it to avoid crumbling.
Worked great for what I needed it for.......Sent off my laptop and used it for the the packing ... made a \
I needed the type of styrofoam that is lightweight and made out of foam. This stuff was like swiss cheese. Extremely messy. Flaked off like dust all over the place. Not lightweight. Not easy to work with. Melted when we used glue on it. Had to throw my son's school project in the garbage and start all over half way through the project.

SKU: 550011290
Price: $7.00