Gulf Wax Household Paraffin Wax 16 oz - 009206657

Gulf Wax Household Paraffin Wax 16 oz - Specifications

Product Features
For canning, candlemaking and many other uses
Model number: 009206657
Category: Candlemaking
Brand: Gulf Wax
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Product id: 10420578
Price: 4

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Gulf Wax Household Paraffin Wax 16 oz 009206657 - Product description

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Great product. So many uses so it's a staple. When I look online, it says it's not in any stores within 50 miles of me, but it's been in every Walmart I've been in. It's not in the canning section (which makes sense) or anywhere in the household section for that matter. Look near the instant pudding and Jello. It's been there in every store I've went to purchase it at. I know, I have no idea either.
I bought this item to make those old Girl Scout or Boy Scout firestarters. You know, the kind where you take an old cardboard egg carton and stuff it with lint from the dryer and pour this wax over them and then break them apart. I hadn't thought of using this in years until we moved where it is cold and have to have a fire going in the winter. I spent WAY too much money on firestarters until I remembered this trick. Works great!
NOT just a candle wax. This stuff has a thousand uses in the wood shop and many in the home. Rub it on the wood slide mechanism on your dining room table, kitchens get drawers unstuck. Many many uses.
Drove 15 miles to buy this product at the store. Worth it for the price.
NOPE, not at the store. None of our stores carry it.
Found out you can only buy it online.
Not sure I understand this because the stores have all the supply's for canning, except the wax.
Use this wax weekly and all year long. It is consistant in nature.
The online service of ordering was simple and was delivered prior to their day they set.
Very Satisfied.
Can't really \

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