Jacquard Yellow Beeswax 1 lb - 563279910

Jacquard Yellow Beeswax 1 lb - Specifications

Jacquard Yellow Beeswax, 1 lb:
Beeswax for candle making
One solid brick of wax for easy use and storage
Model number: 563279910
Category: Painting Supplies
Brand: Jacquard Products
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Product id: 24678584
Price: 14

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Jacquard Yellow Beeswax 1 lb 563279910 - Product description

This 1 lb block of Jacquard Yellow Beeswax is useful for candle making and other craft projects. It comes in a smooth and attractive wrapper. Reuse the wrapper with this 1 lb beeswax piece for easy storage. The beeswax melts and shapes easily for increased versatility.

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I bought this to use for several projects and I am extremely satisfied with the product. You get quite a bit of wax and it is high quality. I will definitely purchase more in the future.
Is exactly what I needed and expected.

SKU: 563279910
Price: $14.00