L.O.L. Surprise Fizz Factory - 565041534

L.O.L. Surprise Fizz Factory - Specifications

Ages: 8+ years
Fizz Factory Playset comes with three Exclusive Charms, one Cleaning Tool, one Measuring Spoon, one Funnel, one Water Dropper and ingredients for Fizz Balls
Fizz is not for bathtub use
Weight: 3.92 lb
Dimensions: 5.25 in x 16 in x 12 in
Model number: 565041534
Category: Collectible Dolls
Brand: Unbranded
Availability: in stock
Product id: 202342527
Price: 34

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L.O.L. Surprise Fizz Factory 565041534 - Product description

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Purchased this as a gift for my neice and she was so excited when she opened it and couldn't wait to use it
My 7yr old daughter loves little things and surprises, so I knew she'd love to create her own surprises to give to friends and collect! The set has exclusive charms, which are cute and it includes enough supplies to create your own bath bombs. Best of all, when you use all included supplies, you can use simple kitchen baking supplies from your own kitchen to keep making surprises!!
This was a waste of money. My little girl was so excited to get it and it was a mess and totally NOT worth the money. She was very dissappointed.
This actually was a really fun thing to do with the kids. Followed the instructions and the kids also kindly pulled up the video of Cookie Swirl C using the set which turned out to be surprisingly helpful. It is a little messy but nothing too crazy ( I mean what great kids science experiment isn't) We didn't have any trouble with the ball's falling apart or being too goopy. I've made other bath bombs so i roughly knew what the consistency of the mixture needed to be. My only complaint is the one bath bomb takes 30 minutes to dry in the kit so my 2nd Kid had to wait 40 minutes to make theirs. The citric acid was really hard and i had to pound on the bag. All and all my kids enjoyed the process. Its definitely not as easy as just making bath bombs, but that's not really the point. I'd def buy it as a gift for friends kids
My child was able to create her own bath bomb. Would be fun for a gift. The only drawback is the price point. After a while they would lose interest and due to the ingredients it could be a bit messy every time it was used
This was a gift for our daughter that she asked Santa for. She was beyond excited about getting her wish...It was odd to assemble. The ingredients were ROCK hard—which happens but it was difficult to soften them. I ended up using a rolling pin for almost 10 minutes to get the chunks out of it so it was smooth for proper measurement. Followed directions. Bath bombs don’t hold together. Tried 2 more times. Nothing. We even let them sit longer than the recommended time on the last bomb we tried hoping that would help. Sadly, it did not. My little was such a good sport but really disappointed thinking we didn’t do it right. But it was highly disappointing and virtually ineffective at creating bath bombs- which is its purpose.
Still not sure what this does exactly, but this gift was a big hit with my 9 year old Great Niece as this is one of the hottest toys this year.
Excellent kit. Like that you do not need to buy extra packages and can use stuff in kitchen.
The first time we did this, it was a little tricky, but that was because my granddaughter was a little overzealous and not following the directions! Once we did it again and kind of understood the process it was pretty easy to make a cool bath baLlc. We are going to experiment with some essential oils to give them fragrance and find other charms to put inside and possibly use them to make gifts for people.
Me and my 7 year old spent all day making bath bombs. We had so much fun. We got it on Clearance for $9.00 which was a great deal. $40.00 is a bit pricey but would have been worth $20.00 as well. I love that we can use basic household supplies as refills.

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