Shop-Vac 5 gal - 563091366

Shop-Vac 5 gal - Specifications

Shop-Vac, 5 gal:
Shop-Vac 5 Gallon 2.5 Peak Hp wet/dry vacuum
Includes onboard tool storage to keep tools organized
Included filters: Large foam sleeve, 5-8 gallon collection bag, and large cartridge filter
Model number: 563091366
Category: Wet
Brand: Shop-Vac
Availability: in stock
Product id: 55042496
Price: 34

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Shop-Vac 5 gal 563091366 - Product description

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Does exactly what it's supposed to.. I use it to suck up the water after mopping the floors. Power cord is a bit short for my use,l so I grabbed a 50 ft extension and be all set now. I just wish the nozzle had a rubber lip. Still a good deal for the price. Would buy again.
Made a great gift for my boyfriend
Great price for a versatile tool, however if you looking for alot of power, you will want to go with a little higher end one, but I'm happy with my purchase for my needs
Lite weight, works great, easy to assemble and use.
Great for indoor and outdoor use. I use it for my car and maintenance for my air-conditioner.
more power than expected
I chose this rating because I don't know the answer yet. It did not come with all the dry vac filter parts so I have not used it for that yet. I did buy it to vac my basement after a big storm flooded it. Unfortunately, Fed Ex was so late with the delivery that the water dried up before I got the vac. Ask me again after the next flood!
easy to put together. powerful works great
very powerful for the price ...con cord is too short in my opinion
Great shopvac with excellent suction abilities. Easly & minor assembly. Worth the money. Highly recommend.

SKU: 563091366
Price: $34.00