Whistler WBU-900 Digital Wireless Backup Camera - 565572773

Whistler WBU-900 Digital Wireless Backup Camera - Specifications

Fits Most Cars, Trucks & Suvs
Battery-operated Camera
Built-in Solar Panel
Easy Installation-no Drilling Or Wires To Run
Includes Camera, 4.3 in Monitor, 2 Solar Panels, Suction-cup Mount, Dash Disk, Car Charger, USB Cable, Mounting Hardware & User's Guide
Model number: 565572773
Category: Backup Cameras
Brand: Whistler
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Product id: 615944435
Price: 89

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Whistler WBU-900 Digital Wireless Backup Camera 565572773 - Product description

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It seems to be a well-built item with considerable thought going into it. The picture on the [smallish receiver is clear with vivid colors. However, I purchased and installed it today on a Silverado with extended cab and long bed. I just could not get a signal between transmitter [camera and receiver [viewing screen to save my soul. If I put the transmitter in the cab of the truck or near a door, then everything worked wonderfully. I don't know what went on, but probably if you install this thing on a subcompact car then the signal may be able to reach across it. In my truck it sure did not - it needs to put out a stronger signal. What is funny is that the marketing video shows it being installed on a pick-up truck!
Regretfully this item will be returned to the seller tomorrow. But if it works in your car, then this item is worth the price and I guess it could potentially deserve 4 or 5-stars.
Stand out was the ease of installation and the ease of pairing up. I have a super crew cab F-150 and unlike others had no issues. Signal strength is maxed out and video is clear but a little laggy due to being wireless. The guidelines if used put my truck about 2 1/2 feet from and object if backed up to the yellow warning line. At the halfway red I am about 1 foot away from a object on the bumper. Cons as far as I can see are that the video monitor is always wired to the accessory plug and the screen times out after 30 seconds. I am sure that preserves battery life but it is a pain when backing up and it goes off. All you have to do is touch the restart icon again but still I think it should have a user selection for longer customizable time out. Personally I think for the money it is not too bad at all and would recommend it over buying a whole new tailgate with camera capability.
Don't waste your money. Bought one, would only work if the camera was next to the monitor. Exchanged it hoping it was just specific to that one, same issue. Short of climbing in my trunk to use the backup camera, this product is worthless. I attempted to contact the manufacturer as the booklet says...45 minutes on hold was enough for me.
My wife got this for my 2003 Ford F150 since she drives it once in awhile and hates not being able to see when she is backing out, she has ran over a bag of trash before. She installed the unit on my truck herself while I was at work to surprise me. Since my truck power outlet is on all the time you just hit the power button when you first get in, then if the video goes away before I have finished backing I just hit the wake up button on the other side of the screen. So easy to use, hard to understand why it has bad reviews. We have had it for about a month now with no problems at all.
30 seconds is not enough time to back up a trailer with a truck. I feel rushed. I wish users could set the time longer.

SKU: 565572773
Price: $89.00